Welcome to Kitchen Whiz where the food frenzy fun never ends!

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Kitchen Whiz
Kitchen Whiz Kitchen Whiz Kitchen Whiz Kitchen Whiz Kitchen Whiz Kitchen Whiz

Our Show

Kitchen Whiz is a fast, fabulous; food focused game show for kids

A 4-course menu of messy, hands on quick cooking and food competition, keeps contestants on their toes as they race around the super stocked Kitchen Whiz Pantry.

2 teams of junior chefs compete in fun, messy, tactile tasks from our main host and win points and prizes from the Kitchen Ninja – a silent but hilarious master in the art of Ninja quick cooking.  

The Show


Our Hosts


Alice Zaslavsky

Alice, a former secondary school teacher, is a self-confessed “Ferd” or “Food Nerd” and is the perfect new high profile Kitchen Whiz host following a successful appearance on MasterChef Australia in 2012. Alice’s plan “is to be able to look back in 10 years time, and know that I’ve made a difference to the way that kids view food.” As the new full of fun host of Kitchen Whiz, Alice is certainly making an impact.

The Kitchen Ninja

Andy Minh Trieu

Working silently and stealth-like to undertake dangerous tasks on behalf of the young contestants like chopping, dealing with naked flames and the hot stove as well as being the final 'word' with the judging is the ‘Kitchen Ninja’. The ‘Kitchen Ninja’ is played by Andy Minh Trieu (Rescue Special Ops, Rake, Tomorrow When the War Began) and is set to become a comedic favourite with the young audience.

Kitchen Ninja



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